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How to remove and prevent further rust on front rail pins?

Started by Richard Tee, January 01, 2023, 05:01:52 PM

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Richard Tee

Looks like someone may have spilled some liquid at some point as there is rust at the base of a few of the front rail pins. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on methods to remove and prevent the rust from returning?

I'm thinking of getting a dremel with a wire wheel to remove the rust. Is there an oil/product I can apply after to prevent it from returning/spreading?

Any help would be much appreciated!

pianotuner steveo

I doubt that the rust will spread, but I need to ask, was there any evidence of mice being inside the piano? (droppings) if so, be careful, and wear gloves and a mask while cleaning. You can always clean the pins with WD40 on a rag, but I would not spray it into the piano for several reasons. Be sure not to get any near the reeds. If you do use wd40, don't leave the pins wet.

If you use a dremel wire wheel, wear a mask even if there is no mouse evidence. You don't want to inhale rust or pieces of wire from the wheel.
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I would try a liquid rust converter with a toothbrush. Careful not to get it on anything else and remove the felt and then once the converter has turned the rust black maybe some fine sandpaper like 1000 grit and then some metal polish. If you use a dremel use a fine abrasive and take your time and then a polishing attachment. A wire might be too abrasive and score the pins. You want to kill the rust and polish the pin not reduce the diameter or shape if possible.