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Parts to rebuild a Wurlitzer 206 amp

Started by clarkleach, January 21, 2023, 01:46:51 PM

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[TLDR: I need current production part numbers for replacement transistors]

I'm having my first go at servicing a Wurlitzer EP. An early ('69 S/N 530xx)206. Yay?
It came into the shop pretty much dead.  My initial inspection revealed that the main filter cap (1000uF) had leaked a good portion of its mojo.  Many other electrolytics looked dodgy as well so I replaced them all.
Now it powers up and makes noise but not all good noise.  There's a fair amount of hiss and the occasional riff of shot noise.  I'd like to just shotgun all the transistors and probably a lot of the carbon comp resistors as well.  I'm not getting much joy shopping around for replacement transistors, though; none of the "kits" I've found online seem exactly right or they're vague with no part numbers, or they're stupid expensive - I mean $10 apiece for 2N4919s stupid - it's an 89 cent part.  Mouser has 2N2926s for $3.86 - more stupid.
I'm looking for help with part numbers for current production transistors to replace the originals.
Pretty please...