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VV Sustain Pedal Issues 73 MK1 Suitcase

Started by justinmroth81, February 04, 2023, 06:06:19 PM

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I'm ditching the suitcase cab for my 73 MK1 and am having issues with getting the VV sustain pedal to function. I recently had this piano bump modded and serviced and from what I can tell, the issue is that the dowel for the damper which has a felt pad on it is flush with the bottom of the piano. Essentially I tighten the wing nut on the sustain rod to make contact with the dowel but then the rod loosens with just one push and falls over. I'm guessing this dowel needs to move up to allow a bit of a recess to keep the sustain rod in place. This still wouldn't fix the issue of the wingnut not having enough strength to hold the telescoping rod in place.  Some years ago I used this without the suitcase cab. I took the sustain pedal and wooden rod from that, built a wooden frame to for the pedal to sit in and used a small block of wood screwed underneath with a hole drilled in it to stabilize the adjustable screw rod at the top of the suitcase pedals sustain rod.You cannot view this attachment.