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Wurlitzer 206a/200a fuse query

Started by amorrison651, March 19, 2023, 05:21:13 PM

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Hey there

So I recently acquired a Wurlitzer 206a (based in the UK) which I've chopped as need it for performing live (strangely the base was from a 207 so didn't mind chopping as wasn't original and have converted the base into a small separate speaker cab)

However, on testing the cab output I rather stupidly allowed for a short to occur at the speaker cab output jack - this has resulted in the speaker out sounding very distorted on inspection I can see the relevant fuse has blown

I'm now looking at the replacements, but having trouble figuring the exact right part on mouser, I've found it needs 1.5a, another poster noted 32VDC and 32VAC but not sure if that's correct, and I can't figure out whether it needs to be a slow blow or fast blow?

Would anyone be able to make suggestions on the exact type/specifications required?
Wurlitzer 206a - 1983


Hi :-)

You should change these fuses to the standard 5x20mm + holder. You can use 1,6A (which is the nearest type in EU) slow-blo. Since the voltages are not high, voltage rating doesn't matter here.

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Hey Jenzz

Awesome thanks very much for the guidance!

Updated with a new fuse holder and a standard 1.6a fuse as suggested above and the distortion issue is now fully fixed - super thankful that nothing else got fried!
Wurlitzer 206a - 1983