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Clavinet E7 Anomaly, Factory Channeled Rod, late serial number

Started by FrankP91, May 29, 2023, 10:49:39 AM

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Hello everybody.

A couple of months ago, I've purchased a wonderful and mint (all the accessories!) Clavinet E7.
Late style model with plastic diagonal mute system.

During the restoration, I have discovered that the rod that allows strings positioning (above the "comb") has factory made grooves. Those grooves are pre-determined and allow the strings to be placed precisely in relation to the pickups.
150% sure the rod is factory made: the clav had original yarn and strings and the seller was the first owner. He told me he never changed the rod (or even changed a string!) and he has no reason to lie, months after a sale.

Advantage 1- Perfect balance of tones and no overlapping of strings on the spaces between the pickups

Advantage 2- Much greater stability to tuning than the previous clavs I encountered.

Serial Number of the Clav:849003 ....anybody with a higher serial number?

Has anybody encountered such a rod before? Picture attached. Bad quality, sorryYou cannot view this attachment.
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