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removing felts from hammers with denatured alcohol - help!

Started by itsflantastic, June 08, 2023, 06:19:43 PM

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So I have a 1977 Suitcase and am doing the miracle mod today. Well, I'm trying. Following Vintage Vibe's online videos I dismantled the rhodes and applied a lot of denatured alcohol to the hammers. (I have the annoying model with the felt directly on the hammers).

Well I got the pads off but there is so much residue underneath and denatured alcohol is not doing much of anything. I don't want to scrape... And I know acetone is a no no...

Is naptha that much more effective? Any tips or tricks?

Thanks so much!


I think that the trick is just don't give up.  Yes, it is a pain in the butt, but it will be worth it once you have every single bit of the felt and glue off the hammers, and have nice smooth cams.

Just watch Fred do it:

Oh, I wonder if you are only using 70% alcohol.  Go to the drugstore or hardware store and get yourself some 91% isopropyl alcohol. 



I need to do the same for my 1977 mark 1.
Did you solved? Was difficult? Is there a big difference in key action?
Im not a piano player i have the instrument at home to play with people and up to now nobody told me that the actual action is really bad so im really in doubt to do or not..,
Thanks for your feedback
Stefano - Rome Italy
Just having fun

pianotuner steveo

Naphtha works better at removing the glue, and yes, to all reading this, never ever use acetone on any plastic piano parts.
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