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need replacement key

Started by Long+WindingRhodes, June 09, 2023, 02:53:50 PM

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Hi, new guy here.  Glad to be a member; thanks to Admin for approving me.

I'm a big-time EP fan; have a Wurly 200a, a Rhodes piano bass, and an RMI 368x.  (Owned a Baldwin Electra-Piano and a Hohner Pianet N in the past, but traded them away...)

Right now I'm working on resuscitating a Roland Rhodes MK-60, to use as a MIDI controller for EP sounds.  But it has one broken key: the high "C", at the far right of the keyboard.

Does anyone have spare keys for sale?  Or know of a source? shows out of stock, and on Ebay I've only found a supplier in Germany - shipping probably high for just a single key.

Thanks for any advice!

Alan Lenhoff

Bob Weigel,, has a wide assortment of keys and other vintage keyboard parts for sale.

Co-author, "Classic Keys: Keyboard Sounds That Launched Rock Music"

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