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200a output transistors

Started by delayed, August 12, 2023, 10:17:59 AM

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What are the options for the 2 output transistors?

I am working on my friends and it has a
TIP36c and

Is the 33c okay, and are there other models transistors that will work in these locations?

second question:
R36 is burned and I believe it should be 270 Ohm per the schematics I found. 
I would like to confirm if R 36 should be 270ohm.  My meter is reading it into the very high Meg readings likely due to the burn.


I installed a new set of tip35/36 and did a recap. Both transistor back from the output also new now. Tr10 Tr9. And tr12. Tr14.

Still some noise though. This one I think was a 214 and has a jack coming from the tapped aux output pin. No parts between the PCB and 1/4 jack. Any tips to lower the noise any?