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Wurlitzer 145B - Connectivity

Started by fransiscou, August 25, 2023, 04:12:42 AM

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Hi, I'm new in the forum, this is my first topic. Thanks for accepting my request.

After months looking for a Wurly, finally I have bought the 145B. The keys are uneven and not calibrated. But both the vol knob, and tremolo work well. The headphones output also operates well.

The speakers sounds broken with hi gain/vol. And the last tube 6CA4 is missing. For what section is this tube? maybe just for extra gain?

For that reason, I am connecting via Headphones Out -> Radial SB-6 Isolator line (with pad and ground loop on) -> Radial JCR Reamp -> Polytone Minibrute Jazz Amp.
I know in that the headphones amplifier is coloring the signal, but it's my best way before the technical service fixes it.

Also I'm considering to connecting to my Combo Speaker via Speaker OUT.

In the back panel, has a RCA Phono... I don't know if it is output or input.

What is the best way to have a Line Out in this model? Maybe buying a Load Box and getting a Cab Simulator pedal?

I'm sorry for my confusion, that's all I've been able to investigate, and on the tropicalfishvintage site I've only found information on 145, which mentions that you can't add a line out, but there's no information on 145B.

My goal is to be able to connect the Wurli to guitar pedals, speakers, combo, DI, mixer etc



The 6CA4 is the rectifier so your amp shouldn't be making sound (unless someone modified it with a solid-state rectifier internally.

You can absolutely convert the Speaker Out to a Line level for plugging it into your Vibro champ. The RCA Phono is  input I believe, so don't use it. The attached photo is from Vintage Vibe's 120 manual, but will work with your 145B.  "A" is your speaker signal.