Searching for statics on Rhodes 1974, 88Keys

Started by Swabian_Keys, September 19, 2023, 07:38:12 AM

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currently i got my hands on the above stated Rhodes and i really love the more mellow tone compared to the rhodes i owned before. So lately im working on the voicing etc. but i noticed i get a really bad static noise. The signal is taken from the harp, so no passive circuit noise from the front panel. I checked all groundings for corrosion and a tight fit, broken cables etc.  I also removed the capacitor from the higher register to see if its the antenna in for the noise, which it wasn't. I resoldered the the main solderings from the rca jack to the pickups etc. Nothing changed though.

The only hint is, while lifting the harp, lots of the noise gets lost, so i suspect its coming from the dampener bar (which is also grounded via the grounding cable to the rca-jack). Any suggestions for further checkings? Is it possible to ground or shield the dampner bar?  I have a recording attached so you can check the static sound. At around 12 seconds i lift the harp about 8 cm and return it to harp support again.