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Resources for voicing a Wurlitzer 140b

Started by MatthewNeighbour, November 30, 2023, 01:14:50 PM

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Hi Folks,

I recently picked up an old 140b and id like to learn how to even out the voicing myself. Currently action feels great but there is some inconsistency in the volume and sustain of some notes. I've seen some youtube videos from vintage vibe on voicing a 200 but the tips there don't seem like they will translate to a 140b due to the different pickup design.

Does anyone know of useful resources on voicing the 140 model? Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Matthew,

I'd give this restoration video from Vintage Vibe a try. I haven't watched this particular one myself but I have seen its 200 counterpart and it contained a lot of useful info that wasn't available in the free YouTube videos.

Hope this helps!
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pianotuner steveo

2 quick tips:  for poor sustain, carefully remove the Reed, clean it with a light oil and somewhat dry it. Also clean around the bolt hole with the oil. Carefully reinstall, the high treble reeds are easy to break in your bare hands. Don't overtighten the bolt or the head can snap off causing a big problem. Make sure the Reed isn't crooked or it can short out.

If a note is too loud, never file the pickup slot to make it quieter, if you file too much, it is not reversible. Also, never file the Reed itself (other than the solder for tuning)

Filing a Reed can weaken it. It can also cause it to corrode.

Filing/needling tiny Wurlitzer hammers is not recommended.
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