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Installing a hum shield on a 200a

Started by _Steve, December 29, 2023, 08:55:38 PM

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I have a few questions about installing a 200a hum shield purchased from Vintage Vibe.

The hum shield comes with 6 pads. Do I just place them evenly along the top of the hum shield to prevent contact with the lid?

The slots for the connecting screws are 5/8" long. How do I determine the 'sweet spot' for this? Too low may limit the damper arm movement, and too high may cause contact with the inner lid.

The slots for the connecting screws are almost 1/4" wide. This seems too wide for the original screws and washers to make good contact along both sides of the slot. I am tempted to add a wider washer under the original ones.

Any suggestions?