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Capstan adjustment

Started by Skip Jones, April 22, 2024, 03:30:15 PM

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Skip Jones

Brand new member here. On my Wurlitzer 200, many of the keys on the lo and hi end don't respond well to multiple strikes when sustain is engaged. Upon further inspection, most of the keys don't sit flat upon their return after striking. I can use the capstan adjustment to get them to sit flat, but that leaves me with little or no lost motion. I'm nearly prepared to attempt my first action disassembly & lube but any comments or insights in the meantime will be appreciated.   

pianotuner steveo

There should almost no lost motion in a Wurlitzer. Just enough so the Jack does not get hung up on the way back to rest position. It sounds like maybe your key bushings need easing and lubing with Protek.
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