Wurlitzer 200A sustain pedal - not working

Started by sidneylogon, March 04, 2006, 11:50:55 AM

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I know this is a Rhodes site, but can't find a useful Wurli site and there's a lot of expertise here...

I just bought a 200A and there's some problem with the sustain pedal. I can see how its meant to work, but seems that there isn't enough 'pull' on the cord.

If anyone can describe the correct set up, and maybe post any photos of the mechanism that would be fantastic.


Ben Bove

Speaking of which, does anyone have a set of Wurly 200 legs or sustain pedal for sale?  Mine's on the shorter bench chrome legs... its like a midget haha.
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You guys weren't much help!  :(

My mate fixed it for me, so all working fine now.

Anyone else interested in a Wurli section on this forum?