Author Topic: Calling all LA Rhodes Players...  (Read 1802 times)

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Calling all LA Rhodes Players...
« on: July 26, 2006, 12:07:26 AM »
Hey there,

I see that the forum has members from all corners of the world. Do any of you guys live in the Southern California, greater Los Angeles area?

If anyone's interested, I'd be up for getting together and comparing notes on our respective pianos. I've got one now that I really love, and I'm trying to get a second one on its feet.

The problem is I'm a blues/rock/funk guitar player that's only just recently gotten around to playing piano. So I don't know if the action on my piano is too stiff. I can't tell if my piano is voiced right, or if my strike line is properly set. I could use help learning all the quirks of these highly unique instruments.

I don't have the experience with the Rhodes to know a good one from bad a bad one in need of work. You've probably got a lot more experience on one of these than I do, and I want to get your opinions about how to make my Rhodes even better.

So I guess this is an open invitation to people in the LA area to come by and check out my Student Model and do some jamming. Let me know if you're interested, and you can check out my Wurli too.

I swear I'm not a weirdo... Well, I'm no weirder than anyone else who still wants to make music on a Rhodes piano.

I'm going to post a similar message in a couple of other places on the forum so forgive me if you end up reading this more than once.