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The Youtube Rhodes thread

Started by paladinpew, February 03, 2007, 09:58:10 PM

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Alan Lenhoff

Really nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

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A few years ago I made a comparison between a real rhodes and some plugins. Check it out:

German Rhodes Tech nearby Hamburg / Bremen


Rhodes wins every time. I don't think anyone in here would disagree!


I certainly agree with goldphinga. Allthough there are some nice plugins like keyscape, premiumsoundfactory and e-instrument and scarbee will be releasing their new 88 big ep/Rhodes. They put a demo on their channel this afternoon. Sometimes it is really fun to play their old NI mk1 and wurly.

But even though my Rhodes has some flaws (which I cannot fix myself) it beats every plugin when it comes to sound, feel and the total experience of the instrument. Let's say the virtual instruments are a nice add-on  ;)
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Dan Belcher

Here's something I recorded recently. A cover of "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" featuring my Rhodes. I played Rhodes, guitar, bass, drums, and sang on this!
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73 in the Rockies

Hi.  New to the site.  Been playing a Fender Rhodes since I was five.  Thought a few people might be interested in some sound recordings?

Great site!

BTW - posting here, because the thread for people to discuss strictly MP3s/audio hasn't had a new post in 10 years???

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George Freeman Hi, here's a video of playing a really professional electric piano solo on a simple 8-bar loop. This Ukrainian guy starts playing from 2:05. The most amazing thing is the way in which he rhytmically combines the left-hand chords and right-hand lines in each 7th and 8th bar of the loop. Could you please tell me, as Western musicians who know the styles of electric piano playing, who of the great American or British or maybe other performers played in a style comparable to his? What are the most probable artists who influenced this guy, in particular, in this solo? It seems like the solo has some Latin vibe in it, hasn't it? He uses syncopation, varies the rhythm a lot, which makes the solo groove. Where do the roots of this solo come from?

Tim Hodges

This track from 1973 on a library LP called "Beats and Ballads" by Projection

The Honourable Mr Ling - Projection

The Fender Rhodes solo at 2:10 is great, absolutely love how well it was recorded. Really nice bell tones and funky rhythmic guitar underneath.
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Dan Belcher

Here's my latest song I've recorded and put on Youtube. So, this one is actually a guitar-centered blues, Albert King's Born Under A Bad Sign, but it does have Rhodes throughout. (I basically replaced the horn parts with Rhodes)
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1978 Rhodes Mark I Stage 73


Playing a Beatles song on a Mark I

I also have a 54 and a Mark V

I hope to record something with them soon!

Dan Belcher

I'm a huge fan of Steely Dan, and both Donald Fagen and Walter Becker's solo work. One of my favorite Walter Becker songs is Downtown Canon. Once I learned how to play it, I decided to record myself playing it on my Rhodes along with bass and vocals.

I used some EQ on the Rhodes to cut out some of the mud from the low mids and remove everything below 80hz to not conflict with the bass guitar. I also used a little compression, delay, tape emulation, some stereo tremolo, and a very subtle amount of chorus.
Proud owner,
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