Modifying my Rhodes?

Started by Vintagekeys, March 16, 2004, 12:22:01 AM

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I have two Rhodes Suitcase pianos, one is a '72 Fender Rhodes Mark I (Seventy Three) MINT edition with a classic Herbie, "no bell" sound.  The other is a '78 Rhodes Mark I (Seventy Three) Piano that has the factory set bell tone in the attack.  I only use the '78 Rhodes for giging and I converted it into a Stage via external amplifier.

My question is I would like get that dampen the attack of my '78 Rhodes, so it has no "bell" sound.  I want it sound like the Rhodes that Rick Wright used on the Pink Floyd album,  "Animals", or even Herbie's piano.  I haven't found a direct way to do it, and I don't want use the mint piano for gigging.
Gimme a B3, Rhodes, and a Clavinet, and I'm rockin'.


Hi Vintagekeys!
The first thing I'd do, would be to adjust each Tone Generator Kit upwards from the center of the pickup, to achieve a timbre that's more "deep" than "shallow".
This makes the tone fatter and makes the basic note dominate the overtones.
Also, Herbie mostly used miked Suitcases with altered amps and speakers.
Good luck,