Serious help needed!!! Techs in the NJ / Atlantic city area?

Started by 1973, May 03, 2007, 09:24:55 PM

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Hello, glad to be here.

I've got an early 1973 Fender Rhodes piano that needs to be serviced. I can't deal with this piano anymore....I'm tired of these notes that "choke".

I've tried what I can, but it's just too complicated to get EVERY SINGLE LAST note sounding perfect. I need to find a Rhodes technician in the New Jersey / Atlantic City / Philidelphia area who can mechanically make this rhodes back to normal.

I'm going to start playing gigs in about a month, so I need to get this worked on quick.

I sure hope someone can help me!



You're lucky!
You've got the No. 1 guy very close to you. Chris Carroll of Vintage Vibe is to me and many many others the ultimate US-tech.

He's been servicing the whole Manhattan area for years and nowadays runs  his business from Wharton,NJ.

Check out his site and all the great gadgets he also manufactures:

All the best,
Frederik "Freddan" Adlers
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Peacefreak Service Center, Gothenburg Sweden


Hey, peacefreak....I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

The only problem is vintage vibe is quite far...about 4 hours from where I'm at....
I've found someone closer....about an hour away. The tech who works at this repair shop isnt exactly well known, or doesn't post here......but apparently he can get the job done....

See, the problem is that some notes choke. It's like there is a minimum transfer of energy. It's these damn choking notes, and the dampers seem all wanky and I'll be damned if I know the first thing to do.

So the problems seem to be minimum transfer of energy on some notes, dud plunky sounding notes (which I don't think are dead tines), shallow key dip, need of an action mod, and an overal setup. How much does something like this cost to fix, or should I be expected to pay?

Basically, I think everything is here that is needed to make it sound just needs the physical adjustments to be performed. What. A. Frustrating. Instrument.



If it is a question of simple adjustments and replacing, you might fix it. In this forum there are all the most important topics that you need:

-Re-Establishing striking line
-Replacing grooved hammer tips
-Replacing squashed tonebar rubber grommets
-Re-Establishing escapement
-Voicing (timbre&volume adjustment)
-Key dip

Nevertheless, the more important information source is the Online Manual:

Ok, It is a considerable waste of time but you will save enough money! :wink:

Good luck!
O. Lahoz
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