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Best Rhodes and/or Wurly sample library?

Started by rebuskyle, September 17, 2007, 04:07:30 PM

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What keyboard/sample library has the best sounding Rhodes or Wurly? I've heard  quite a few at this point and am almost always drawn back to the real instruments.

That being said technology is catching up and there are some GREAT keyboards/sample libraries out which ones have you tried and which do you like?


Mark II


C.E.P. = rhodes
E.E.P. = wurlitzer

get the gold bundle with both sample kits plus Hohner Clavinet D6, Hohner Pianet samples and a lovely multi effects rack for vintage piano for special prize

Mark II
Rhodes Stage 73 Mark II 1980 / modified Peterson Suitcase Preamp


Those sound really good. Especially like the Wurli sounds...and the tremolo on the Rhodes sound is nice and stereo. Definitely some of the better sounding sample libraries I've heard for Rhodes/Wurly.

For what it's worth I have the M-Tron (Mellotron) and LOVE it. One of the best purchases I've made software-wise.



I never found better samplesets than the ones made by Scarbee. There are some cool software models out there, but most of the time, I'm drawn to the real thing in any case: Piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Hammond, analog synths... If I don't want to lug around the old beauties, I take the Nord Stage, but the Scarbees would be my choice for a notebook setup.

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