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Just got me a Wurly!!

Started by andi85, September 17, 2007, 10:50:14 PM

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Hi folks,
I just got me a Wurly 200 on Friday. Such a great little nasty midget! :)
It still needs a little work on the action as a few keys get easily stuck, but it already sounds really soulful.
Background of the story: I'm currently on a year abroad in the US and of course left my Rhodes and the other keyboards at home. So I needed something here and ended up with the Wurly.
Just to share my excitement with you...  8)
Tuning instruments makes the band sound thin!

Mark II

so, still on your list:

Hammond console model
leslie speaker
suitcase rhodes
Hohner Clavinet
Fender Twin

to name a few (basic set)
Andi, do you plan to bring it back home to europe when U leave the US ?
Greetz from Hamburg

Mark II
Rhodes Stage 73 Mark II 1980 / modified Peterson Suitcase Preamp


Gratulations, Andi. Do you have any recordinggear with you? Just to give us some examples? And will you bring it to Germany? You could give it to me for free :D

Well, Mark, your list is quite complete. I think, I'm quite finished with it. Just the Suitcase, the Wurly and the Clavinet have to be found  :D Although I'd trade the Minimoog for a Memorymoog plus: six Minis in one machine, what could you ask more?

Best regards from Stuttgart
1981 MK II Stage 73 > MXR Phase 100 > Boss CE-1 >  Twin Reverb (livesetup)
1980 MK II Stage 73 > Reussenzehn Max Röhrig > Dunlop TS-1 > Boss DD6 > Roland Jazz Chorus 160 (homeuse)


Ha! Nice list, Mark II. I'll work on it - if only that f&%$§ money order from Germany would arrive soon... :evil:

To answer your questions: Yes, I have a little recording gear with me, so I can make some recordings. I'll just mic one of the speakers with my SM58.
And, yes, I'll probably take it home with me. I'll get me a road case for it and just take it on my flight home. Even with shipping and transformer change I should still be in the "green zone". I mean, find a Wurly in Germany first place! And then for €650!
Tuning instruments makes the band sound thin!


OK, today I received my key bushing tool from Vintage Vibe (they are fast!!!) and worked on the key bushings. Now it works really great. It's also fairly clean inside, what was in there was just a little dust, but hardly anything else.
Action seems to be in good condition - I just have to tweak a few dampers a little because they come in too late. And I'm so impressed: That little beast has almost a grand piano action in there with so many parts you can tweak for every key. Incredible. When it's in Germany, I might give it to a piano technician to tweak the hell out of it. But anyway: Great job, Wurlitzer :)
Btw: It's from October 1971.

I'll record you something over the weekend if you'd like to. If you want to put it in the web, you're welcome - I just don't have any webspace, so I can't do it by myself. I just might get me another mic besides the SM-58 because the 58 placed in front of the speakers can get in your way while playing. Shure PGs are pretty cheap here and the PG-56 is said to be quite good and it somewhat shorter than the 58, so maybe I'll give it a shot.
Tuning instruments makes the band sound thin!