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Dating and Identifying my "new" Wurlitzer 140-B

Started by absent, March 26, 2008, 05:40:46 AM

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Hi, all!
I just "pre-inherited" (read: was given early and pre-death) a Wurli 140-B reed piano, and I have a few questions for any of you that know much about them.

1. Are any Wurlitzer 140-B pianos tube? I haven't taken this guy apart yet, and won't for some time.
2. Anyone have any clues on dating these pianos?

Thanks a lot!

William Price
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pianotuner steveo

No, All Wurlitzer 140B pianos are solid state. They were made from 1962 until either 1965 or 1967,I don't remember which. The model 145 is the tube version of the 140B.
It was Wurlitzer's first solid state model, the output power is very low.Only about 8-10 watts versus about 18-20 watts for most of the 200 series. The action is ALMOST the same as the 200 series.

There MAY or may not be an assembly date stamped on the key frame under the keys,either on the far left or far right is common. I recently sold a 1964 model.

I recommend having a tech replace all the capacitors since they are old and dried up.
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