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Wurlitzer 200a Help

Started by coachdobbs, April 26, 2008, 07:54:41 PM

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I just bought my first 200a and I havent ever messed around with one (MUCH different from a Rhodes like Im used to) but I have a D that is flat and I need to know how to tune it. I also dont see how to get to the reed to tune it. Any help would be appreciated!
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Ben Bove

there's 3 screws under the front of the case, by the keys, that hold the top down.  Lift the top back, and you'll see a big metal "L" shaped metal piece over the whole action part.  You'll need to unscrew this from the mounts, notice on the ends how the screws are connected to wires.  Take note of all of this and how it's mounted, remove, and that'll expose the reeds.

Tuning is a disasterous process if you're new to it, it's all in regards to the amount of solder on the end of the reed.  

A cheater method is to see if you can tighten the bolt holding the reed in, as the tighter it is the sharper it gets.  All you Wurly guys - is the tightening thing a bad idea?  I've done it in the past and haven't had noticeable problems.
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I'm not an expert, but Chris from VintageVibe explicitly recommends that procedure in his video.
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