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Keep Breaking Reeds On My 200a

Started by coachdobbs, May 12, 2008, 11:16:14 AM

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So I bought a Wurlitzer 200a about a month ago or so and when I bought the piano it had three broken reeds. Since then I have broken two. It seems like they go slightly flat before they break. Is it the way that the reeds are adjusted and is there any way I can prolong the life of them? Im kinda new to Wurlitzers so any help is REALLY appreciated.
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It sounds like you need to adjust the let off. If the let off is too close, the force of the hammer can break the reeds. ALSO- I forgot to mention this in previous posts..if the let off is WAY TOO EARLY as well, this can cause the player to "pound" on the leys to try to get volume, therefore also causing too much force.

For more details, search my previous posts on this subject. You will need a capstan wrench to make the adjustment.This is the most important adjustment on a Wurlitzer. I also recommend increasing the let off about 1/16" more than what Wurli recommended (1/4" in the bass graduating to 1/8" in the treble) Since I have done this on my own pianos, I haven't broken any reeds.
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