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What about the Wutlitzer 140?

Started by djjay, January 24, 2005, 06:25:57 PM

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I know this is a Rhodes "forum", and I love rhodes (have one...) but I came accross a possibility to buy a Wurlitzer 140. I know it's not a 200. But can anyone tell me more? What is the difference in the sounds?
Many thanks in advance.


I have both. My Rhodes could use some setup and adjusting. However, I have to side with the 140 for now. I think it's great. The action is light, has an internal tube amp and has a great warm, full, fat and slightly rolled off hi end. It uses the same reeds as the 200 model so the sound generation is identical to the 200. I personally think the 200 is over rated and over priced. I've had a couple oportunities to get a 200 cheap and have always passed because the 140 does the trick. To make it sound like a 200, just run it into a modern amp or PA and turn up the treble and you have instant Supertramp. The 140 was used by Ray Charles and on the old Muscle Shoals sessions. Between the two, I'd go 140 all the way. You can't beat tubes. period.


If its a 140 it will be solid state. Only the 145 had tubes out of the 140 series wurlies. I have a 140b and a 146 and they both have identical solid state amps.

As for the pianos they are more or less a 200 series in a different case with a different amp. I prefer mine to the 200s I've owned as for some reason both my 140s have long and consistent sustain in the higher registers. I've never had a 200 that played as well.