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Installing a Reverb unit into a Suitcase?

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Ben Bove:
I primarily play on suitcase pianos, and therefore haven't used the twin reverb much with a stage piano.

I do like the sound of the reverb on the twin.  I have tried patching through a digital reverb unit through my suitcase effects loop, but the digital effects unit sounds terrible.  I'd like to have that vintage spring reverb sound.

Is there a way to install a vintage reverb unit from the twin, mounted inside the cabinet, patched into the suitcase circuit?

IIRC the Twin reverb is spring, right?
the spring itself is really large AND when you kick the old amps (or home-organs that have a spring-reverb) the reverb makes a crazy sound (famous in the 60's)
so I'd guess the tines/hammers would interfere with it (make noises)

the springs are usually like this, quite big too:

ps. I've got the EHX Holy Grail Plus pedal, it's very nice (haven't tried it with the Rhodes yet -I'm not back home)
but it's a pretty good and sweet reverb (kinda dark)

Ben Bove:
I was thinking this would be mounted into the suitcase bottom and patched in before the speaker output.

Any idea where that should go on a Peterson 4pin?

Mark II:
usually springs need a certain level@impedance. A tube with a transformator bringing it down impedance wise and after the spring an amplifier to bring level and impedance up again.
I have no idea how to connect that with a peterson amp.

good luck

Mark II


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