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An Allegory For Us All

Started by james, September 12, 2008, 12:11:04 AM

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Duane and Lina lived in a community hard hit by a tornado, leaving them and many of their neighbors with serious damage to their homes. Because so many homes were in need of repair, the local contractors had waiting lists of people who needed to get their homes fixed.

Duane and Lina had their names on one such list, but one day had two men stop at their door and offer to fix their roof for half of the other contractor's estimate. The men claimed that they represented an out-of-state company that wanted to help people get a good deal due to the tragic events of the tornado. With a $500 payment for supplies, the men said they could begin fixing Duane's roof. Duane was interested in getting a good deal, but he first wanted a written estimate for the repairs and proof of their license to do business before he paid them anything.

The men said they would be back later with the information, but never returned. They did, however, stop at a nearby home with the same offer. Unfortunately, Duane's neighbor paid the men the $500 deposit they were requesting and waited for them to return with the supplies. Again, the men never returned, leaving Duane's neighbor with a damaged roof and short $500.
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If the folks you mention live in Virginia, legitimate contractors pay into the Virginia Contractors Recovery Fund to help homeowners like this recover funds lost to unlicensed contractors. The limit is $10K. No legitimate contractor would do such a thing as that because he carries a heavy fiduciary responsiblity and the penalty when he was caught  would be too great. The "out of state" outfit you mentioned should be the RED FLAG. Most states do not reciprocate on contractors license registration.

I am a contractor, I have been for 20 years while trading under the same corporate name without any complaints ever and I can assure you that not all contractors are crooks. Unfortunately in nearly every case such a you mentioned, if the deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Be extremely wary of anyone that knocks on your door or calls you on the phone soliciting work. Always hire a state registered contractor. A local business license alone does not give anyone the right to operate as a contractor.
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allegory, noun: the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence


Yes, as a fellow CA resident Ben, I am surprised that you didn't realize that there hasn't been any recent tornado damage in the Monterey Bay area...or ever??? :shock: :wink:

This was actually a story from the chapter called something like "When It's Too Good To Be True" in the financial management course you have take in order for the court to approve the discharge of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy debts in this state.  There are a handful of these fictional(?) anecdotes presented in order to educate people on avoiding being suckered in, giving out information that could lead to identity theft or in this case, paying money to somebody who never delivers the goods or services they are "selling".  It all sounded so much like another unnamed product with the number 7 that I couldn't help posting the story here....
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