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General Remarks

Started by dnarkosis, January 04, 2009, 01:08:59 PM

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General Remarks:

These are sources other than the specialty repair and parts shops (Major Key, Vintage Vibe, Speakeasy Vintage Music, CAE, etc., and they are sources for parts and materials that are not specific to a single instrument (many are used, e.g., on speaker cabinets). But be sure to check out the specialty vendors for hard-to-find or Rhodes-specific items as well.

Please check items carefully before ordering, since part numbers may change over time; also make sure you have the right screws, etc for attaching the hardware pieces. Often those must be ordered separately from the same vendor.

Note: Many of these products are sold by several different vendors, and new sources are always being posted in this forum and elsewhere.

Other possibilities for screws, glides, handles, Tolex etc. (you will have to search for your item through the menus):

In general for Fender:

In general also:

You can get other things (replacement screws for the harp, etc.) at any well-stocked hardware store. Just take the old screw, etc. with you.
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