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Bridle Straps; Damper Pivot Bushings, Push-Rod Felt, Glue

Started by dnarkosis, January 08, 2009, 07:10:47 PM

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(1) Bridle Straps in bulk:


The "Plain" strap is the one to order:

Take-Note Piano Supplies in the UK also stock plain bridle straps

(2) Damper pivot pin nylon bushings:

Search "plastic flanged sleeve bearings" at

(anyone know the dimensions and order number?)

(3) Damper push-rod assembly top felt:

Fits on top of the wooden damper dowel inside the piano or on top of the damper rod in the speaker cabinet of a Suitcase model: Self-stick felt can be bought in many varieties at hardware stores, drugstores, home-improvement stores, etc.:

(4) For gluing on damper felts and hammer tips:

3M(TM) Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 08008 Black, 5 oz Tube

Widely available at auto supply stores, paint stores, also online:
1979 Suitcase 73
1980 Stage 54


I have use these bridle straps and can confirm they work great. These are the exact ones Vintage Vibe sells. I compared them to the ones on their reproduction hammers (which are very good BTW) and they are the same.



This is an old topic but I stumbled across it.
Just replaced some bridle straps in my piano, so I know how to do it. It's not hard.
I'm selling the NOS straps that I got in bulk, message me and I'll sell some to you direct.
I just did the job on my piano so I know they work!

The on line prices seem like a good deal until you see their minimums and shipping costs...