Author Topic: Corners, Glides, Handles, Rubber Feet  (Read 4962 times)

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Corners, Glides, Handles, Rubber Feet
« on: January 10, 2009, 08:46:01 PM »
(1) Fender Style Chrome Glides w/Screws: :
Smaller url:

(2) Handles: part #0580

Also :

(3) Corners.

NOTE: There seems to be a discrepancy on some models/years between the dimensions of the original corners and these corners from Reliable. If anyone has a solution or a source for corners whose dimensions correspond exactly to the original corners, please send me the link.

 #1510CS for a Stage or upper keyboard on Suitcase,

#1520CS for a Suitcase speaker cabinet

(4) Latches: #2510

(5) Black oxide versions of corners and latches:

Item: 1510CSTB (w/3 countersunk holes)

Item: 1520CSTB (w/2 countersunk holes and wraparound for Suitcase cabinet)

Item: 2510BK (black latch)

Item: 0570B (strap with black end caps)

Also Black Plastic Strap Handle with Chrome End Caps (incl. mounting hardware) at :

Additional corners: it seems Mojotone has their own brand:

(6) Rubber speaker-cabinet feet to replace steel glides on bottom of Suitcase speaker cabinet (I use them because they're much easier on hardwood floors):


Compared with normal glides:

And attached to the bottom of the speaker cabinet:

Shorter form:

Mojomusic has the same rubber feet:
1979 Suitcase 73
1980 Stage 54