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Chick & The Five Peace Band
« on: February 27, 2009, 03:09:31 PM »
I've been looking at videos and pics of the tour so far, and Chick is using the Motif for all of the Rhodes-type sounds when he's looking for them. Since he's been overseas, I'm still wondering if the Mark V will be along for the ride when he gets to the US. Does anybody know what the plan is? I'm having trouble waiting for March 23rd.... :D

BTW, it's obvious that Chick's Facebook account is being run by somebody else here in the US considering how many "friends" he adds throughout the day. There are a lot of drummers on my list who I've added via musician friends of mine who actually know them (Steve Gadd, Jerry Marotta). You get the sense that they're using it like normal people, even if their friend-base is in the thousands. So what's the deal, Chick? You never reply to my're never online so I can chat and catch up...what happened to us? We were so close, and now we're so far! All of this touring has torn us apart, and now you've got somebody pretending to be you? :cry:
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