Author Topic: Looking for a great Rhodes album that was on the site (?)  (Read 1389 times)

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Looking for a great Rhodes album that was on the site (?)
« on: February 25, 2009, 06:29:59 PM »
Hi all - first post here. In the 'Record and CD Reviews' section of this excellent site, i'm sure that there was a popular recording in there that i'm trying desperately to find. I can't remember who it was by or what it was called, but they were a Dutch (I think, certainly European anyway) band who played fairly gentle fusion stuff. The album was a live recording from about 1980, and was very obscure due to only existing on vinyl, and being transferred to a digital format a few years. I think it had 7 tracks on the album. The only place to buy it was on, which i've searched high and low in all the categories on it, but I just can't seem to track it down...

If anyone has the slightest clue what i'm on about, despite my extremely vague description, i'd be most grateful  :).

By the way - a few top Rhodes albums not mentioned on the site or forums so far to chew on: 'Freeez - Southeren Freeez (1981)', 'Kenji Omura - Kenji Shock (1978)', and 'Kylyn - Kylyn (1979)'.