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I just joined the Forum and have posted some pics of my recently tuned and tweaked 1979 Mk I Stage 73 Dyno... Nir at did the work, and per his critical evaluation, my Dyno scores a rare 9.5 out of a possible 10.  It is an AMAZING instrument.  Yes, you can tweak the overtone control of any Rhodes to get closer to Dyno sound... BUT there is SO much more that Chuck did to make this happen... the ACTIVE EQ is a critical element. 

And NO, the Dyno sound is not just brighter... in fact, the range of sounds that are possible by creatively mixing the direct harp signal with various amounts of high and lo EQ is darn near infinite.  It can be very bright and percussive... it can also be muted and serene.  And you can kick bass VERY effectively as there is an amazing amount of gain available from the Active EQ.  People wide and far mistakenly think the Dyno sound is only bright...not at all true!

The expressive capabilities as a result of the Active EQ and the other action-related mods Chuck made is quite incredible... you can ago from a whisper to a screaming hot tone easily... if you have the type of keyboard technique and dexterity to handle this level of expression.

ALSO... Chuck did quite a bit of work on the actual keyboard response... my first pre-Dyno Stage 73 was a dog when I first bought it, the action was heavy and sluggish.  I did some work myself on it to free it up... years ago, can't recall what specifically I did.  But the Dyno's action was marvelous right out of the box.  Fast, light, responsive with incredible tactile feedback... in short, the better your keyboard technique, the more musical you can be with this Dyno.  It's the best feeling and best sounding Rhodes I've ever heard / played, including many of the "legendary" ones here in LA that have been on many major recordings.

I have just launched a YouTube page with a few video examples on it...

A bit of history about this particular Dyno... in 1979, I was managing the Keyboard and ProSound rooms at Guitar Center San Diego... back when there were only 3 Guitar Centers... and we got in 6 or so Dynos in stock.  I opened up and tried out every one, and cherry picked the best of the litter... and this is the one I purchased back then, and have had all these years.  It is a supreme example of what a Rhodes can truly be!



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