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Why does my Stage Piano have a preamp?


A couple of upgrade options were available for the Stage pianos over the years, namely the Super Satellite and Janus I systems. Each of these upgrades added a Suitcase-style preamp to the piano, which was used to connect the piano to a pair of outboard speakers. If you have a Stage piano with a preamp, it is missing the amp cabinets that went with it!

I think I have a rhodes modified like that but someone stole the preamp before i bought it.

What preamps are out there to restore it?
And will I still be able to use it both ways, with and without the preamp?

Here is my thread with the same question:

Thanks for the info!

My rhodes came with a custom pre amp built in really shoddyly in the 70's. By the time I got it, it was just receiving radio signals! I just ripped it out and now I don't use any pre amp, I just keep the volume and bass fully open and do the eq on the mixing desk.


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