Looking to have 1965 sparkle-top hammer shanks and tear drop heads replaced

Started by Seanfir, August 20, 2023, 05:50:52 PM

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Hello all! This is quite a coincidence! There was another gent that posted about his 1965 he bought, and I bought my Rhodes from a gent in St Louis as well... my Jordan preamp is 0100 and his was 0101... I don't have a harp sticker on mine, but the original preamp pots all dated from NOVEMBER of 1965.

I'm kind of wondering if I have the first CBS Fender Rhodes...

I'm looking for someone that can replace the hammer shanks and heads, per specs... I tried, but couldn't get the consistency of the angles needed to get the strike line accurately.

I saved all the hammers, and installed neoprenes, which went in with no mods, and have all original Raymack tines... I restored the amp and preamp, but have them removed, so I can record it better with a modern JFET preamp. And am retrofitting the original knobs to control a modern trem circuit, and I also installed a Leslie 125 tube amp in mine, as it sounds better, with no transformer hum and higher output,  with better overdrive tones.


Any chance you have some pictures of the inside..just curious :)

I would be inclined to reach out to Fred at Vintage Vibe. They were selling hammers for these at one point.
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