Author Topic: Fender Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase for sale in Sydney Australia  (Read 2905 times)

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Fender Rhodes Mk1 Suitcase for sale in Sydney Australia
« on: September 26, 2010, 09:53:14 PM »
Rhodes 73 Suitcase Mk1 for sale in Sydney Australia
This Rhodes is in excellent condition. The Model is 1975 Mk1 Suitcase with 73 keys with the Stereo Tremelo unit “awesome sound”, with the concentric rotary knobs. It plays absolutely beautifully and sounds fantastic. It is complete and includes the lid, legs, amp/speaker cab etc. It has been refurbished by a professional keyboard technician. No tears on tolex case, lid etc. Recently the piano has had music studio use only and is a reluctant sale! I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but this really is a rare and wonderful example of this iconic instrument.

To answer further questions on what has been done on this keyboard by a pro piano tech:-

new tolex vinyl on case,speaker cab, new speaker cloth, new hardware catches, corners,hinges etc
one 12" speaker replaced, 2 piezo tweeter added for better treble sound.
action ,keys, pickups, tynes,electrics etc replaced,refurbished where needed and improved.
new sustain pedal and plate
new pots on volume,tone and tremelo
stereo preamp built so piano can be used as a Stage piano without bottom speaker cab needed to utilise tremelo unit.
in otherwords fully restored to original state.

   I forgot to mention, also is included a "custom built powered stereo preamp" that allows the stereo tremelo unit to be used with the piano as a Stage piano ( without needing to use the amp/speaker cab underneath). This allows you to use the piano as a Suitcase Rhodes OR a Stage Rhodes but with the stereo tremelo unit into an amplifier or mixer!. The BEST of BOTH WORLDS a Suitcase or Stage Rhodes!!
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