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Wurlitzer EP200A for sale in Sydney Australia
« on: September 26, 2010, 09:58:20 PM »

Wurlitzer EP200A for sale in Sydney Australia $2200AU ono
Wurlitzer refurbished EP 200A Vintage Electric Piano
Up for sale is a Vintage 1970's Wurlitzer EP200A electric piano.
This piano was a Wurlitzer electric piano student model 206 that was used in a music teaching studio. I have had it converted by a reputable piano/keyboard technician into a more practical portable professional 200/ 200A model but without the onboard speakers. The piano includes the legs and music stand. The student models are the exact same piano mechanically and electronically as the professional EP200A  portable models BUT have had no road/touring use as only used in a teaching studio.
All electronics and action etc is in excellent condition and it plays exceptionally well. Any queries/questions answered and inspection  with appointment is welcome. Serious buyers only!
Also advertised elsewhere so I reserve the right to cancel the listing if needed.
Email or call me for any queries:-  ph 0407-272487
In response to a number of queries regarding specifically what has been restored/refurbished in this piano:-
Complete Restoration included the following:-
the piano has been reduced in size by removing the bottom cumbersome amp/speaker section.
Leg plates and legs have been added (the legs are wooden and not the usual chrome legs, they fit perfectly and been custom built.
A new reproduction Sustain Pedal has been added. These are actually sturdier and better built than the original.
The amplifier and vibrato unit has been rebuilt ( the student models did not have the vibrato unit that the more common model 200A had)
A vintage face plate has been added ( an original model 200A faceplate)
An aux output jack has been added for connection to an amplifier or mixer for recording)
An IEC 240V AC receptacle and lead has been added.
Fuse modification board added.
The plastic case moulding has been professionally sprayed black with automotive duco paint.
These modifications have been done by a professional piano technician and restorer. Check out the USA Vintage Vibe website which describes how/why what is normally done to modify a student model Wurlitzer 200 to bring it up to the professional 200A specs. model-chop-video.aspx
Hope this answers most questions. :)