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Welcome to The Electric Piano Forum!
« on: September 23, 2010, 06:21:46 AM »
Hi folks,
   my name is Cormac Long and I'm the new host for this forum on the Fender Rhodes. I'm Irish, based in Ireland and own and play a Rhodes piano. I'm not a tech and have absolutely no commercial interests with regards to this forum.

I bought a 1974 Mark 1 SP 88 in August 2010 and have been restoring it bit by bit since then. Its a slow and painful process. I'm learning lots as I go. I'm sure it will take forever, will never play as well as the works of art that several of the pros have produced. But this is what you do on a budget!. As it turns out, it will only ever be used at home. I'm not a professional musician. Just someone that lacks a lot of practice and plays a bit at home.

I found the Rhodes Super Site forum to be pure gold in terms of a reference on all things Rhodes, especially the tips on restoration. When I found out that James Garfield was looking for a new forum host , I thought I could help. I have previous experience hosting forums. I already have the hosting space for other projects I run. So honestly, its no big deal to do this. I'm getting as much if not more back as I'm putting in.

So with the permission of James, I migrated the phpBB forum archives into this forum. This forum is based on Simple Machines Forum, otherwise known as SMF. Its software I've used before in other jobs, so its what I know. It very conveniently provided an import utility to convert the phpBB database contents into its own format. It transferred all posts, user accounts etc. So the wealth of information is preserved.

We did do some cleanup.. all accounts that never posted were deleted (over 2000 of them). Lots of spam posts were deleted. There are probably more still lurking there in the archives.

The registration process is still moderator approved. I've also modified the registration agreement, asking that new members email myself with some answers to fairly simple questions as a means of rooting out the bots! without that email, all registrations are deleted within 24 hours.

I also agreed with James and assure you now that I will not abuse this privilege. Your email addresses are sacred to me and will NEVER be shared with 3rd parties. I will also NEVER send you adverts or any sponsored rubbish etc.

Also onboard as a moderator is musician extraordinaire, "Rob A", aka volvoxburger. Rob has been an immense help to me behind the scenes over initial weeks as I was preparing this forum. He has also been assisting in cleaning up remaining spam in the archives and moving valid threads back into the main boards.

So thats it for now.. sit back and enjoy this forum!

Oh yes the rules.. do read this when you get a chance.. (only accessible to registered members)
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