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Started by Cormac Long, February 26, 2011, 06:10:45 AM

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Cormac Long

Note: July 2017: A recent move by Photobucket to commercialise their image sharing service has broken lots of embedded images. Also Google Photos no longer supports embedded image functionality. It might still work with Flickr, Imgur and others but be aware you may run into stumbling blocks along the way. For the moment, it might be best to attach images to your posts. But please try to reduce the resolution of the files before posting. We'll update this article as soon as we know more on the remaining viable options for image sharing

Some members have difficulties getting to grips with the use of images and posts. I'll try here to explain how to do this.

The main recommendation is to use an account from Flickr, Google Photos, Photobucket etc. All these services allow you to create an account and upload photos. Most will also allow you obtain a web link to an uploaded photo which can then be used on your posts.

You take links to the uploaded photos and simply copy and paste the URL into your message. Then you need to surround the link with a special "url" delimiter that gets this forum to include the link as an image. So once you paste in the link, you need to surround it as follows:

[img]http://......image.jpg[/img] can also just select the pasted link and click the Insert Image button on the formatting toolbar (2nd button from left, bottom row shows a picture in a frame).

Alternatively, you can just click that button and it will paste in the correct IMG delimiters and then you paste your link in between the delimiters.

Another option is to just attach your image to your post.... click the "Additional Options" on the bottom left when composing your post and there you will find an Attach option. It would be preferred that you resize your photograph before doing this. There is no need to be attaching full size images. Sizes in the 640 or 800 pixel widths are most appropriate in this forum setting.

While the attachment option works, it will put the image at the end of your post. Sometimes its just better to use the linking method as it allows you post each image link in turn as you describe your post.

If you need assistance, just contact myself via PM or email and I'll lend a hand.

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