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would '70 stage insides fit to a '76 suitcase crate?

Started by Abraham, December 20, 2011, 03:58:01 AM

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As I'm having some trouble with playability, and loosen uneven chipped keys on my '76 suitcase, could I just replace the whole assembly from the stage to the suitcase crate??

This would also provide nice older plastic/wood hammers and wooden harp supports. Any help is really appreciated, before I make an investment (Shipping costs to europe are always HIGH)
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Ben Bove


As far as I'm aware, yes a stage 70 insides would fit into a '76 suitcase shell.  I do not believe there are any dimensional differences with the internal frame of the pianos.

If there is however, you still should be ok because a 1970 has an entirely wood frame - so you can shave off the sides if it's a snug fit etc. where on the 1976 the frame has aluminum sides.  The only downfall would be if the 1970 is somehow a little smaller in width, and your cheekblocks wouldn't go to the very egdes of the case then (a little gap).

You could also maybe contact the buyer and ask him for specific measurements if he's willing.

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The exception may be the pianos that used plastic keys.

These pianos had the balance rails with plastic pins integrated into the base of the piano and I doubt that a transplant would work.

There weren't many of these made (most in early 80s), but I would confirm with the seller first.