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Rhodes Stuff For Sale
« on: January 17, 2012, 11:22:49 AM »
Would anyone be interested in buying my collection of Rhodes related items? Here's a picture and list of everything. If you're interested, send me a PM with an offer. Kind of putting the feelers out there on this.


    Rhodes Mark III EK-10 Owners Manual (Has holes punched in it from being in a binder)
    Rhodes Suitcase Piano 73 & 88 Owners Manual and Schematic Drawing with Rhodes Owners Manual Envelope
    Janus I Keyboard Amplification System Owners Manual (Has Holes in it from binder)
    Rhodes Official Parts and Service Manual (Original Orange binder, very thick, lots of schematics and documents including many pricing guides for parts, also memos sent to dealers regarding new products at least 100 pages of material)

Rhodes Official Brochures

    Rhodes Mark V Brochure (Very Good Condition)
    Rhodes Mark III EK-10 Brochure (Has holes punched in it from being in binder)
    (Total of 2) Rhodes Mark II Series Brochure (Great condition, two copies, contains small history of Rhodes and highlights the Mark II)
    (Total of 2) Rhodes Mark I Suitcase Brochure (Good Condition, two copies)
    Inside Rhodes Brochure (Information about the inside of the Rhodes, Mark I series, good condition)
    Rhodes Janus I Brochure (Has holes punched in it from being in a binder)
    Rhodes Mark II Fold Out Brochure (Features Fifty Four, Janus, and all other Mark II including Piano Bass. Has holes in it from binder)
    You Can Do It All With A Rhodes Pop Up Brochure Booklet


    Original NOS Tine package sealed never opened
    Rhodes Satin Jacket
    Rhodes Authorized Dealer Agreement with Store and Rhodes VP Signature
    Herbie Hanc**k Demonstrates the Rhodes Piano Flexi Vinyl (good condition with sleeve) - Also comes with ads that went along with the vinyl
    (Total of 2) Rhodes Price Sheets


    You Can Get Herbie Hanc**k For a Dime - Ad that got you the Flexi Vinyl Mentioned Above
    Listen To The Thunder - Rhodes Newspaper Ad
    Herbie Hanc**k, Chic Corea, Bill Evans Magazine Ad
    Drop In At Your Favorite Music Store Herbie Hanc**k Flexi Vinyl Ad
    Patrice Rushen Magazine Ad
    Introducing the Rhodes Mark II Magazine Ad
    Fender Rhodes Silver Top Magazine Ad
    It's a Plug In Fender Rhodes Silver Top Ad
    (Total of 2) Rhodes Mark III EK-10 Magazine Ad