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Maybe someone can shed some light on my 1976 MkI suitcase's mod...  I bought the piano site unseen for $200 from a student at SU (go orange!) a few years ago, and I noticed on the outside of the top component are three outputs...each with a three pin ~1/2" connector.  There is also a switch installed near the tines that shuts off the upper half of the keys when flipped.  My best guess is that someone was using the suitcase as a stage piano and was outputting to three specific amps for low-mid-high, but I've never heard anyone else speak of such a thing.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I can post pictures if anyone is interested.  Thanks!

My Rhodes has a similar mod.  At the flip of a switch, the bottom two octaves are routed to another output.  There are two preamps and four knobs, Bass Boost and Volume for the treble and bass registers. The previous owner told me that the guy he bought it from had it split so that he could run the bottom end through a bass amp.  
Maybe your guy wanted to do that, or have different eq settings or effects for each register.
Mine also was modified to have a red light under the logo on the namerail that takes power from a quarter inch instrument jack.  It looks really cool on stage.

rie, i think you hit the nail right on the head.  it's too bad i don't have the cables/amps to test the outputs to see if they really work.  unfortunately i have the weak amp in my suitcase, 90w i believe, so it would be grrreat to try a specialized external setup like this...maybe after a few more paychecks, lol.

Hi guys,
To split the harp in two or three sections was very popular among Rhodes-players in the early 70's. Since it's quite an enterprise and requires both expertise and finance, it wasn't something everybody could do.
The two most famous pianists to use this method are Joe Zawinul and George Duke.
Later on, it was also one of the options you could order when you sent your Rhodes to Chuck and James at Dyno-My-Piano.



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