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If you like Herbie's Rhodes playing...

Started by tomogradymusic, May 09, 2013, 06:27:27 AM

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...please come along to our gig THIS SUNDAY 12th May at Floripa on Old St, London. Live music from 7:30pm - we'll be playing tracks from 1973-79 and I'm going to be using my beautiful suitcase Rhodes which some of you may have seen and heard on my youtube videos.
Here is a brief taster:
It would be great to see you there!
*New Video*: Resolution 88 - 'Caughtus Interruptus' (feat. suitcase Rhodes piano):
1975 Rhodes Suitcase mk1 88 (ser 60341)
1976 Rhodes Suitcase mk1 88 (ser 61087)

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