Author Topic: What's this Rhodes in Herbie Hanc**k's circa 1984 studio? MKV/Dynamic 88?  (Read 1258 times)

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Check this out...

1min 6 secs is the 1st glimpse...then at 1:27 another nice shot.
Its not a 73 and its not a standard MKV as the Rhodes badge is to the right like the Dynamic 88
in google image search...

The link:

Looks like the MKV88? ie the Dynamic 88!!
Sitting on top of the Rhodes is a Fairlight CMI IIX which has a 73 note keyboard
but huge end panels either side that would make it longer than a MKV73
just for would be about the same length as a Rhodes 88...

So was Herbie testing the prototype?? Mike Peterson said it was a one off
so this must have been it and maybe Herbie still has it?

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It's definitely an 88 - you can see high C easily

And only one of those was made - the mold for the plastic shell did not survive the first casting.

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So my bet is its still in Herbie's collection though this was almost 30 years ago now!!

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Wow good catch, a first sight for me on this as well.  Definitely a Mark V 88 production.

I've seen another picture of the Dynamic 88 outside of the magazine article, I believe at the factory - a standalone pic of the piano.  The namerail is the same as the magazine clipping, but both are different from this Herbie clip.  That being said though, they did change parts on prototypes a lot - the Mark II prototype advertisement had a silver faceplate etc.

Anyhow as Real MC noted, when I spoke with Peterson he confirmed only one was made.  It would make perfect sense that someone like Herbie who had a great relationship with Harold and was involved with testing Rhodes, could have been one to either test the 88 prototype or end up with it while they had Chick working with the MIDI V (who ended up with that).  Someone like Herbie also has such a huge collection of keyboards, that it would just be another piano in his collection, not seeing a lot of airplay anywhere since then.

A great find Goldphinga!  Can't say for sure but it's very likely at this point it's with Herbie.
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