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What effects pedals with your rhodes?

Started by Black Pearl, August 21, 2013, 06:40:41 PM

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Black Pearl


I'm curious what effects (boosters, preamps, chorus, phasers etc etc)  pedals you guys are using with your rhodes?

camaro guy

MXR Phase 90 script through a Fender Princeton Chorus stereo amp is what I found works best for me.

pianotuner steveo

In the 80's I had an MXR flanger that I loved. I dont remember what happened to it though...

I dont currently use any pedals with it, I should get some! I have a lesle simulator for my organs, but have not tried it with the Rhodes yet...

1960 Wurlitzer model 700 EP
1968 Gibson G101 Combo organ
1975 Rhodes Piano Bass
1979 Wurlitzer 206A EP
1980 Wurlitzer 270 Butterfly Grand
2009 73A Rhodes Mark 7
2009 Korg SV-1 73
2017 Yamaha P255
2020 Kawai CA99
....and a few guitars...


Although I really like the "naked" rhodes sound, these are my pedals in order of use (for clavinet or wurlitzer the order would be different).

RE-201 Space Echo – Beautiful!!! Sometimes I run FunkBox from my iPhone through it for practicing to give it a more organic tone. Almost anything sounds good through this.
Crybaby Wah – I use it either as a filter or wah-wah-wah. So far, I like Crybaby the best.
Fulltone OCD Overdrive – I tend to use this in place of the M108 lately as I like a little overdrive every now and then.
Dunlop JH-F1 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face – Nice fuzz used crazy or sparingly.
MXR M108 10 Band Graphic EQ – Super handy box for giving a little boost, shaping the tone, or getting ride of noise.
MXR M107 Phase 100 – I bought this super cheap and have really not used it. Perhaps I am just not a phaser guy? I hear the vintage ones are much nicer.
MXR M134 Stereo Chorus – I do not use a lot of chorus in my playing, but when I do, this is what I use.
Vintage Fender Fuzz Wah – I am not sure about this pedal. The ergonomics are cool but the fuzz and wah seem lacking.
Budda BudWah Wah Pedal – A little too smooth for me.
Boss RC-20 XL Loop Station – For when I am playing all alone at home and need more than 2 hands.
Wurlitzer 200a
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Hammond B3


Dunlop Cry Baby from the '70s, EHX Deluxe Memory Boy, Moogerfooger MURF.  Sometimes a Boss RT-20 Rotary speaker emulator, set on slow, in stereo.

The Real MC


Mark S 1

Can't believe no one mentioned the Univibe! Old ones are hard to come by,  but Fultone makes a very nice replica.


I've tested some actual multieffect pedals and I like the Korg Pandora Mini.
I'ts like a keychain with a lot of of effects and not too expensive

200 preset (for guitar and bass) and 200 user editable patches.
Live editable patches from computer (USB)
Powered by battery or USb (or 5V PSU with mini USB plug)
A lot of possibilities (compressor, phaser, flanger, chorus, reverb, delay, amp & cabinet simulators...)
Drum patterns

Test it if you can.

Student Rhodes

I'm using a mid-70s Maestro Stage Phase which was reportedly designed by Bob Moog.  It's the one with the huge roller wheels for easy adjustment with your feet.
I like it because it has two presets as well as variable speed and depth controls, but also ramps up and down like a Leslie as you switch between speeds or shut it off.

It may be a bit noisy for some, as it's designed for guitar and doesn't have true bypass.  In addition, you can hook up to two separate amps for even wider dispersion.

Here's a youtube vid of a guitar demo, but you get the idea.

Your thoughts?


I love the pure sound of the Rhodes, but also want/need to add effects on it...
I've tried many stompboxes, and am happy now with this:

1)Near Feet:
Germanium 4 Big Muff
Stereo Polyphase
Malekko Echo600 B

2)Near Hands:
Diamond MLJr
MXR M-134 Chorus
MXR M-159 Tremolo/Pan
Boss DD7
TC Hall of Fame

The 2 other stompboxes on the photos are for a slimphatty...


I'm a chorus guy myself but I also love phasers. MXR90 Script Logo phaser sounds very Steely Danish while the Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser sounds very Richard Tee'ish. You can hear my 1973 Suitcase through the Smallstone in the Youtubeclip below. It's the band High Red where I play drums...

I have a Dyno My Piano Tri Stereo Chorus 618 which you can hear in the Dynoclips in the Dynosection on the Supersite and I also love the TC Electronics TC1210 Stereo Chorus...

Rhodes-tech,, Norway


Here's what I'm using on my Rhodes...

Tech21 Liverpool - as my preamp
Boss TR2 Tremolo
Garagetone Oil Can Phaser

The phaser is remake with tweaks (depth knob instead of color switch among other things) of an old 70's Electra which was just a rebrand of an Electro-Harmonix Small Stone.

Initially when I set up the effects I had the Phaser > Trem > Liverpool but I got amazing amounts of hiss. I tried a couple different orders of the effects and putting the "preamp" first lowered the noise considerably.


I used to use a phasor, but it sounds so 70s, and I really don't like it any more.  A bit a tremolo can sound nice.  I tried a true vibrato pedal , but somehow vibrato sounds much better on a Hammond than a Rhodes IMO.  Most of the time I just try to get the best natural Rhodes sound I possibly can.  To some extent, that's a never ending quest, but I'm making progress.  Next, I'm going to try a buffer/boost circuit of my own design that mounts in the piano, under the hood.  If it works well, I'll post some info on it.


Hi .-)

Here's what i'm running in the effetcs loop of my VV 64:

Boss BluesDriver: Not as an overdrive, but as a clean / solo boost and making the signal a bit more cutting and 'gritty' when on.

George Dennis GD-30 Wah: Optical wah which sounds not so 'peaking', noisy and bass-cutting than a CryBaby, but no so bland than a Morley.

Mutron Phasor 2: Simply a good sounding phaser with a different edge than SmallStone or Phase 90 (which i like, too!)

Rhodes tech in Germany

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