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Don Ellis 1968

Started by Loucas, December 27, 2013, 11:34:52 AM

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Another video with the Don Ellis big band in 1968
Of course with silver top soloing on 3:24 !


Thanks so much for posting that.  I really miss that band, saw them twice in San Francisco before and after Don got sick.  Blew me away.  They had Milcho Leviev on keys when I saw them, he was perfect for that band. 
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Ben Bove

Great video and great find!

I forget if this was mentioned before but it seems evident that Don Ellis had an endorsement with Fender / Rogers / Rhodes.  Fender amps, Rogers drums, Fender Rhodes piano - could be part of the reason a Rhodes ended up in the band or his exposure to it.  I can't quite make out if the music stands are Fender branded in the top left corner but it appears so.
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