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Wurlitzer 200A - 3D model

Started by cinnanon, November 23, 2014, 11:14:23 PM

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Are these models for download yet?? Thank you!


Is there a 3D model for a stacker?
Would be nice to print it and stack up a keyboard on top of Wurly!!


Here is the 3D model of the stackers, with the measurements I found of a Wurlitzer 200a in sketchup.
However, I think these measures are not correct. If you can pass the top cover model with the exact measurements, I can adjust it. The idea is to print them on a 3D printer.

If someone wants the template in skp, request via message.
I'm trying to convert to Cura.


I just need to confirm the measurements to print it  ;D


Working on the reedbar now. Baby steps...

Alex Billbao

Hello, i'm Alex, 33yo french musicien. I bought an incomplete 200. Several parts are missing (more than 1300€ if i buy and import from US all that is missing). I try to rebuild what i can, especially parts that can't be bought.

I try hard to find a complete 200 or relative to mesure, but up to this day, those who have one did not allowed me to open and do surgery for anatomic measurement ! And nos i'm un confinement (Coronavirus!).

So i call for help here. I saw the great Cinnamon's 3D work, and Tehu's DIY humshield rebuild done.

I need dimensions of:
. Hum shield
. Reed bar Shields
. external Squares witch holds the dampers axis (not sold on the web)
. All harps's screws  (a friend gave me 4 Airbus screws that fits for external fixation, that's a start !)
. little metal parts joining the 2 harps, and its RCA wiring
. 3 keybed's wood block (1 close to Output plugs, 2 on the back)
. 2 knobs
. 1 speaker
. pedal, legs, bench and musical rack are also missing.


@Cinnamon, i wrote to you a private message 1 week ago. If you or anyone can share with me some measurement or 3D parts models, it would be great.

Friends of mine have 3Dprinter and metal turning/cutting machines, all i need is .. Measurement of original parts !



Oh sorry I'll look for the message.

Tim Hodges

Alex, have you tried Marcel at

He may be able to source you a few parts, he has done that for me a few times.
Bristol Electric Piano


Alex Billbao

Thanks guys .

@Cinnamon if you have a moment, i guessmy friend can extract quotes from your solidworks models .. Or if you have paperplans mare before modeling ..

@Tim, i'm abouy to find that "Marcel" from EP-Service NL.

See you next steps,
Enjoy your time "at home"


@cinnanon - I sent you a pm regarding one of these 3d models. Please check when you get a chance :)


@cinnanon I have also sent you a dm on this. Thanks!