Wurlitzer (112, I think) Amplifier Problem

Started by Pianokeys, October 16, 2005, 01:30:46 AM

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I am the proud owner of a wurlitzer electric piano that I got for the right price (FREE!!!) some time ago. I had to put on new dampers, one tine, and adjust a few settings, but it wasn't anything I've not had to do on a "real" acoustic piano before so it was pretty straightforward.  It had a HUGE fat tone because of its tube drive, I ran it through two amps, a bass amp and a guitar amp for stereo sound and it had the greatest tone of any instrument I own.

Unfortunately, a few days ago the fuse blew. I thought "well, I hadn't replaced the fuse before, it's probably just time for a new fuse." I bought a new one. I put it in. It blew again, instantly.  Now, I am wondering, could it be a short in the mix, or perhaps just a blown tube? Which tubes are more likely than others to die, and if it's a short, how the hell do I get the amp out to fix it? (this thing is built like a wooden tank, but I can't get it apart!!!) Any help would be nice.

By the way, If you need help to positively identify it: It's got a wood case with a flat metal top (curves down for the front), wooden action, a full tube amp in the back with a 6x9 speaker, and the thing looks freaking old, though I know that doesn't mean much. I am still somewhat new to the world of ACTUAL electric pianos (which I've learned you just can't really synthesize properly) and can't wait to fix this thing, but I also can't afford to have someone else do it.



check the wurli group on yahoo! -they'll know what to do...