I saw Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook last night in Troy,NY

Started by pianotuner steveo, December 17, 2015, 07:38:36 AM

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pianotuner steveo

Difford and Tilbrook of Squeeze played a semi unplugged show near me last night. My buddy scored 2nd row seats. The people in front of us brought their well behaved children, so nobody blocked our view- it was awesome to say the least. Glenn had a home made keyboard stand, and the only sound he used was a Wurli. Being so close to the stage, I knew it wasn't real for many reasons, but the dead give away was that there was no sustain pedal cable in the middle, just the wire from an electronic pedal coming out along with the audio and power cables. We were fortunate enough to meet them after the show, and I asked Glenn if he was using a Korg SV-1 and he didn't really seem to know what it was, it could have been a Nord. He said it was a red digital keyboard.

They played acoustic and electric guitars,a ukelele, the keyboard, and only had one new song with some pre-recorded backing vocals and tambourine track. The rest of it was just the two of them, and they recorded the show and had CDs available at the end! I bought one and they both signed it. I just wish that I brought a camera with me. (I don't own a traditional cell phone)

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