Author Topic: Wurlitzer 200A power transformer info/wiring  (Read 1135 times)

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Wurlitzer 200A power transformer info/wiring
« on: January 27, 2016, 07:35:20 AM »
My friend is in process of recaping/rewiring my Wurlitzer 200A (paid 50 bucks) and he needs an information about the power transformer, here's the question:

I would need some info on the power transformer of an original Wurlitzer 200a, late version.
It has 4 primary wires (white, black, white-black and red-black.
The piano was found in Canada (120v) but the primaries of the transformer seems wired in series. Which according to the slim info i found on the net, should be for 240v.
The primary should be in paralel for 120v. It has a 3 prong grounded iec power connector (us).
Also, Vintage vibes replacement transformer is wired in series for 240v and paralell for 120v. 
On the tag strip,  the white-black wire from the transfo goes to neutral, the red-black and white wire from the transfo are connected togheter on the tag strip and the black wire from the transfo is connected to the fuse post on/off switch.

I measured the resistance of the coil and i get 60 ohm from the white-black wire   to the black wire. I get 30 ohm between either and the two wires connected togheter, which tells me, it is a center tap and the primary is wired in serie.
Also, the neon lamp was connected from the black wire to the "center tap" to get 120v at the neon in a 240v circuit?
Can anybody confirm if they have a piano wired this way for 120v or is it wired for 240v?

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