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Recommendations for Fender Bassman 70

Started by ras keita, March 17, 2016, 07:06:04 PM

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ras keita

I have an opportunity to get a Fender Bassman 70 for a decent price. I mainly thought about getting it for my Rhodes 73 Mark II Stage. I'm seeking info from any users that have used this setup and would like feedback, thoughts, comments, etc.
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Lots of years ago, a friend lent me his Bassman 70 head while my own amp was out of service.  I played it through a 2x12 open back cabinet.  For reasons I was never able to figure out, I really didn't like its sound.  I don't know if it needed new tubes, or if the output stage wasn't properly biased, or if the issue was inherent to the design.  Whatever the reason, there was something subtle about the sound that I found irritating, and the more I played through it the more I couldn't stand it.  Remember--this is the opinion of one person playing through one old Bassman 70.


About 20 years ago I used a Carlsbro bass amp for my Rhodes stage 73. I never really liked it but they say it might be useful with an 88 key Rhodes to cover the lowest octaves better. I finally hooked my piano up to a Fender twin reverb and that was the first I discovered what my Rhodes was capable of. Of course this just one person his opinion again :)

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